Refund Policy

Before you decide to purchase a particular deal, please read the Conditions of the deal that apply to it, and in particular note how many days the voucher is valid for after date of purchase.The Conditions of the deal are stipulated in the Description section of the deal on offer.

Once you have purchased a deal, your electronic PDF voucher will also contain the Conditions of the deal and the expiry date of that voucher.

Tupo is not able to make refunds once a deal is purchased. Please check our Terms and Conditions where the following clauses refer:

1. That upon accessing the Services/Goods on the Website, the Member enters into an agreement with the Merchant and the Merchant shall remain responsible at all times for claims, refunds or any matter that may arise in connection with the purchased Voucher or the advertised Deal.

2. By placing an order for a Deal, the Member makes an irrevocable and non-refundable Offer to purchase the Services/Goods that are the subject to the selected Deal in accordance with these Terms and Conditions and any other terms stated as applicable to the Deal.

3. Once a Deal is confirmed, no refunds or exchanges will be given unless where required by law.