Frequently Asked Questions

Tupo is a website where you can purchase discounted deals for various services and products that are provided by businesses in Tanzania. For example a 50% discount off the price for a one night stay at a hotel; a half price pizza, a discounted movie ticket; or TZS 50,000 worth of cosmetics for TZS 25,000.
Register to become a member. Click on a deal to find out more about it and then click on the Buy button. Follow the instructions. You will be guided to a payment gateway where you can chose how you would like to pay for your deal. There is the option for credit cards, mobile money or Paypal. Once the payment has been received by Tupo you will be sent an email with your Voucher. This Voucher proves that you have purchased the deal.
Your Voucher will be sent to your email address. This is in a PDF format. You can print this out or save it to your smart phone. Follow the instructions on the Voucher of how to redeem it. Usually this will simply require you to present your Voucher when you attend the redemption site to claim the deal you have purchased on Tupo. Each deal will have some instructions that are specific to that deal, for example, a restaurant deal may require for you to make a reservation in advance. These will be listed on your Voucher.
Yes, there are always specific stipulations and conditions to each particular deal. These are always clearly communicated on the deal before you purchase it, and will also be listed on your Voucher. Please make sure you read and understand these fully. If you have any questions about what you will be getting and when, please email us before you purchase the deal.
Please note the expiry date on your Voucher when you are considering whether to buy a Deal. Ample time is given for you to use the Voucher. However, a Voucher cannot be used after its expiry date unless with the prior agreement of the Merchant, and refunds will not be made for expired unused Vouchers.
You can find your Vouchers by logging into your Tupo account. Once logged in you can click on Orders where it will display your purchased vouchers. Click on Voucher Download.
If for some reason you are not satisfied with the Deal please take the matter up with the Merchant involved. Merchants have full responsibility for what they are providing you, just as with all their other customers, and they know that their reputation depends on the provision of good service.
Yes it is. Tupo uses a SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certificate to establish a secure encrypted connection between your computer/smartphone/tablet and Tupo’s website server. This secure connection protects sensitive data, such as your credit card number and login details.
To find out more about placing a deal on Tupo please Contact us and we will get in touch with you.